December 16, 2015


2017 MIKFF Films

A selection of films from Sève Films Studio which distributes the best films from film schools in France as well as films from noted professional film studios will be shown throughout the day.


BLOCK 1: 10:00 am-11:00 am (ages 5-8)

Let’s Catch a Movie (1:20) – US – Dir. Emma Penaz Eisner. When everyone in town scrambles to catch a movie, she desperately reels away! Zippy and colorful, this animated comedy introduces a host of zany characters.



Somebody NEEDS You (3:49) – US – Dir. Ruth Elliott-Hilsdon, Dani Bowman. The story of a distracted little girl who thinks she’s not important. Once she sees that others around her have real problems, she discovers something new about herself. Featuring the voice talents of the incomparable and legendary June Foray, who volunteered her voice to all the characters in “Somebody NEEDS You”. June is best known for her work on Rocky and Bullwinkle in the early 60’s. Dani Bowman, the young director and chief animator of our project, is a high functioning individual with Autism.



The Hole (4:10) – Mexico – Dir. Maribel Suárez. A little girl comes out to play in the garden and discovers a hole. She begins to take care of it and wants to play with it. As nothing happens she gets very mad, until one day a tiny leaf pops up and she became very happy to see that her efforts have been rewarded.




L’encyclopédiste (3:00) – France – Guillaume Kuc. (SEVE FILMS) A young encyclopedist is travelling in a desert filled with weirdly shaped cactuses and equally surprising animals. He walks his way carrying a home-made encyclopedia that he is adding to each time he makes a new discovery. Then, he unexpectedly meets something different.



Sheep Deprived (4:44) – US – Dir. Stacy E Coakley. Three sheep try to get their less athletic companion over the fence to get a little girl to sleep.





The Sea of Stories (2:00)– US – Dir. Azure Allen. Every place has a story. The sea has given us so many through out mankind’s history. In this tale a greedy Carolina planter steals a beautiful mermaid from her ocean home. Through her own power she is able to save herself, while her captor is oblivious the terrible fate that awaits him because of his selfish actions.




The Journey (2:20) – US – Dir. Puthima Wongdeeprasith. This film is based on the artist’s life when she lost her luggage travelling between continents. In the film, a young boy is the narrator. And the main character is actually the luggage, who enjoys the unexpected adventures he encounters on the trip.




Tiny Power (2:10) – US – Dir. Chen Chang. Tiny Power tells the story of five microorganisms save a fruit fly’s life.




Knight to Meet You (3:44) – France – (SEVE FILMS) Antoine Fromager, Laurie Bogdel, Loïc Resplandy, Lucas Godineau, Mathieu Astruc, Nicolas Canot. An idiot knight wants to rescue a princess but he will face a huge obstacle.




Balloons (3:55) – US – Dir. Marley Boss. A collaborative short film created by Marley Boss and several fellow campers at French Woods summer camp about the role of friends in overcoming sadness.




I am not a Mouse (2:01)– UK – Dir. Evgenia Golubeva. Every time Lucy is called ‘Mouse’ by her Mum, she turns into a real mouse! What is Lucy going to do?




First Snow (13:34) – Czech Republic – Dir. Lenka Ivančíková. First snow is a fairy tale about the curious little Hedgehog who gets lost in snowy woods and so he heads out for a dangerous adventure to find his den.





Force-Full Imagination Part 2 (3:25) – US – Dir. Jim Eimmerman. Trapped by the crossfire of war within the imaginary world of her apartment, Michelle must breach her way to safety despite her mom’s warnings and the traps set by her treacherous little brother! (Part 1 screened at last year’s MIKFF)





En vol (3:05) – France – Britanny Lefevre. (SEVE FILMS) A little gnome from the forest and a magpie quarrel over shiny objects.




BLOCK 2: 11:15am-12:15 (ages 8-11)

Class (1:49) – Iran – Dir. Reza Golchin. Peering into an Iranian classroom in Talesh reveals something remarkably familiar.




My Haggan Dream (8:16) – Northern Mariana Islands – Dir. Rob Sams, Laura Sams. On the island of Saipan, a young girl’s mysterious dream about a haggan, or green sea turtle, leads her to investigate the sea turtles that live around her home. Join her adventure to find turtles, which leads to a wonderful birthday wish.




Jubilé  (7:27) – France – Coralie Soudet, Charlotte Piogé, Marion Duvert, Marie El Kadiri, Agathe Marmion. (SEVE FILMS) In Buckingham Palace, it is time for the Queen to go to a ceremony. But an unfortunate burst of wind takes away her hat, which leads one of her trustworthy guards and a playful corgi to run after it through London. The two heroes will have to cooperate in order to retrieve her Majesty her hat…



Lost In Spring (12:07) – UK – Dir. Fred Leao Prado Wall. A confidence stricken seven year old, embarks upon a journey to self belief.





The Runaway Toilet (2:29) – US – Dir. Thomas Nicol. Written by 3rd grader Adrian Blume, The Runaway Toilet tells the story of a little boy whose toilet goes missing, and the superhero who helps him find it.






Summer with Monkey King (12:00) – China – Dir. Ewing Luo. A 5-year-old Chinese girl’s dream to become a “boys-only” superhero. SOME subtitles.



The Sky Between Us (3:46) – Australia – Dir. Anastasia Dyakova. Three young children are ushered into a room by a lone adult and left to their imaginations. Through the joyous innocence of the children’s fantastical games, the audience is invited to remember the wondrous nature of being a child, once more.






Invasion Day (2:25) – France – Vincent De Bellis, Milos Erastotene, Terence Guilpin, Léo Lefebvre, Raphaël Leylavergne, Arthur Loiseau, Mohamed Oumoumad, Dimitri Trouvé. (SEVE FILMS) A huge spaceship starts troubling the city of Paris, sucking up everything on its way…


BLOCK 3: 12:45pm – 1:45pm (10-and up)

Beyond the Books (6:37) – France – Jérôme Battistelli, Mathilde Cartigny, Nicolas Evain, Maéna Paillet, Robin Pelissier, Judith Wahler. (SEVE FILMS) You will discover the immensity of a giant library through the eyes of an old librarian, until an unforeseen event which will turn his life upside down, as never before… Then, he will rediscover his library with the caretaker of this giant place and with a little boy, fan of comic books.


What’s The Password? (7:49) – US – Dir. Andrew Gleason, Thomas Nicol, Anna Zorn. Three siblings wage war for dominion of the living room.



Leonor’s Lullaby (5:30) – China – Dir. Quentin Paquignon. Leonor sleeps quietly in her bed when some gentle creatures, the Bobops, come to take her to experience a mysterious journey….





B for Balloon (9:54) – India – Dir. Anmol Arora. A street kid finds a way to fulfil his desire for getting a new soccer ball by earning money not by begging on traffic signals.





Le jour où j’ai battu le ciel (The Day I Beat The Sky) (2:48) – France – Hughes Valin. (SEVE FILMS) While he is fascinated by every resonating thing, a boy must face his greatest fear : a storm. He’s then going to use his gift for rythms and sounds to beat his phobia.



Chasing Rabbits (12:27) – US – Dir. Jacob Smith. Thirteen year-old Ericka suspects her mom might be a spy and launches her own espionage effort – with her best friend – to find out what’s really going on.





Norma’s Story (5:46) – Canada – Dir. Alex Hawley. Norma’s Story is a true tale of change. It documents the effects of climate change on the environment, culture and food security of the Vuntut Gwitchin people of the Northern Yukon as seen through the eyes of Norma Kassi.





Nez en moins disait Cléopâtre (Nobody Nose Cleopatra) (5:53) – France – Chams Chitou,Charlotte Lebreton, Lucie Loiseau, Mikahel Meah, Maxime Monier, Marc Razafindralambo, Aymeric Rondol, Jonathan Salvi, Anthony Trefleze. (SEVE FILMS) Irascible Cleopatra has a problem. Nobody can draw her nose to her satisfaction. Ahmes, an apprentice painter used to menial chores, is asked to take the master’s painting to the queen. At the palace, his troubles begin. The corridors resound with the screams of those who have disappointed Cleopatra!


BLOCK 4: 2:00pm-3:00-pm (10 and up) 

Trial & Error (5:27) – Germany – Dir. Antje Heyn. A film about a lost shirt button, perfectionist aunts, busy cats, startled parrots – and a long-lost friend.





The Debt (12:09) – Ireland – Dir. Helen Flanagan. When lovestruck ten year old Daithi falls for his beautiful and unattainable classmate Jessica he turns to his best friend Penny, a rough and tumble tomboy from a broken home, to help him win her heart.



SelfieCat (3:15) – France – Geoffrey Assie, Emeline Bernard, Elsa Divet. (SEVE FILMS) Victoire, a 14 year old girl, tries desperately to take a selfie with her obese cat, Cupcake, in the hopes  of winning a contest. The problem is, Cupcake urgently needs to get to his litter box.




Spill (9:13) – Australia – Dir. Aaron Ellis. It is 1999 at West Meadows Primary School and the marble craze has hit an all time high. Maxy, through his good sense of judgement and likability has scored himself a decent marble collection and has become a force in the sandpit. School bully Plugga catches wind of Maxy’s growing collection and the fact that it is beginning to threaten his position as marble leader. With this newfound knowledge, Plugga devises a plan to stop Maxy in his tracks. Will Maxy overcome Plugga or will he fall victim to his antics like so many before him?




Keiro (5:12) – France – Tatiana Juskewicz, Benoît Leloup, Franck Menigoz, Zoé Nérot, Charlotte Poncin. (SEVE FILMS) A young girl travels with a gigantic creature which goes with her until she reaches adulthood.




Cul De Sac (16:16) – US – Dir. Ethan Alexis Scarduzio. Nine-year-old Sam dreams of riding bikes with the boys in her neighborhood but there are a few big problems: she is still riding a tricycle and the boys don’t think she can keep up with them. Sam asks her father for a bike and gracefully accepts the brand new and grossly feminine ride her dad picks out. However, the new bike proves even more of an embarrassment when she confronts the boys for a race. A defeated Sam finds comfort and encouragement from her father who gently reminds her that she is more powerful than she thinks. With renewed spirits, father and daughter transform the bike to better fit her fiery personality. A cool and confident Sam approaches the boys for one last race.


BLOCK 5: 3:15pm-4:15pm (10 and up)

The Garden (7:17) – Turkey – Dir. Idil Ar Ucaner. A story of a girl who spent her early childhood in nature but then had to grow up in a big city… First we meet a little girl in a garden with her friends. The horns on her head symbolise her deep connection with the nature. Days in the garden are full of joy, play, creativity and love. The little girl learns how to love, feel, imagine, observe and do many things in that place. She feels herself complete in the garden!




Gokurosama (6:53) – France – Clémentine Frère, Aurore Gal, Yukiko Meignien, Anna Mertz, Robin Migliorelli, Romain Salvini. (SEVE FILMS) Early in the morning in a Japanese shopping center, a shopkeeper gets stuck. In order to help her, her young employee decides to cross the shopping center with her.



Yes, We’re Open (14:09) – US – Dir. Yousef Kazemi. A story about an unlikely friendship between a convenience store owner and a shy, young girl.






Hum (8:30) – US – Dir. Tom Teller. A solitary dish washing robot living out his life in the back room of a restaurant is enlightened to the world that exists beyond his four walls, with the help of a small friend he breaks free of confinement to pursue his dream of exploration.




The 49th Magician (10:20) – US – Dir. Thomas Babbitt. Animated short of the animator’s father, Samuel Babbitt’s, children’s story about a young orphan king’s loss and then his strange, fantastical journey back to himself. Screenplay, all animation, illustration, editing and musical score by Tom Babbitt.






Fox Tale (2:18) – Republic of Korea – Dir. Doosun Shin. Mr. Fox makes fun of a poor hare’s diminutive tail. However, he ultimately finds out that what goes around, comes around





Groomed (3:00) – US – Dir. Samantha Armiger. When a little schnauzer with a sentimental attachment to his beard is brought in for a haircut, his world is turned upside down.





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