December 15, 2015


The Maryland International Kids FilmFest–MIKFF is an outgrowth of the children’s programming at the annual Frederick Film Festival–The F3–held each year in June–and a partnership with the Delaplaine Visual Arts Education Center. Since the beginning, the F3 has been dedicated to providing not only a unique film-going experience in the region by providing premiere films as well as films not likely to be screened in the area, but also providing children’s programming on Saturday mornings in the early years. That portion of the F3’s programming was so popular that the festival organizers felt an entire festival of great film should not just be reserved for adults, but be provided for the younger set as well. Often, films and programs aimed at children seem…childish. Not challenging. Safe. And far too often, not entertaining. Especially those constructed to be long commercials in the guise of young people’s programmingThe Maryland International Kids FilmFest is committed to bring high-quality, international, challenging, and, most importantly, ENTERTAINING movie programming…in the form of short films as well as theoccasional feature length films…to the state. And we can pretty much guarantee that you’ll not see any film with a fast-food restaurant tie-in product. The MIKFF also includes some workshops related to animation to give kids some hands on experience making their own form of animation, either video or in a historical construct. The aim is to show that creativity and moving pictures can be a part of every child’s life and is within everyone’s ability.